Legal Sea Foods

Taken from my copy of 1,000 Places to See Before You Die: A Traveler’s Life List, an old Christmas gift from Selina:

Despite Boston’s recent culinary hype, and despite a new generation of chefs that dismisses the city’s old guard establishments as boring or bland, Bostonians cherish tradition and the tried-and-true, and that’s where Legal Sea Foods comes in.

There’s a bunch of Legal Sea Foods peppered all over Boston. It’s been a culinary cornerstone of Boston since the 1950s. Mary Ellen and her husband took me here as my last meal before I went back to Austin. (This however is not the last food entry from Boston so still stay tuned for more!)

We all started with a cup/bowl of chowder. I got the fish chowder. So damn comforting with the oyster crackers.

I LOVE raw oysters. And I was so happy to be there for Mary Ellen’s first experience. She wasn’t too impressed by them but it was still exciting to be there.

West Coast oysters….

And East Coast oysters!

Have you ever heard of Scrod? Apparently it’s a fish! Never had it so I ordered it.

Scrod is not only fun to say out loud but is also BUTTERY and FLAKY and GOOD. Especially breaded and baked with a juicy tomato. Oh god, so good. I about finished my entire plate.

Mary Ellen’s husband got his usual stuffed lobster which he was willing to share. Mmmmmm. A meal fit for a king. (It came with 2 sides which in his case were polenta and the perfect french fries.) The stuffing was a great complement to the lobster.

Mary Ellen and I were still stuffed from breakfast which we had a mere 3 hours before. So she ordered dinky looking crepes. Hee. Seriously, look it how dinky they were. She said they were good :)

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