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Austin, TX 78701

(512) 474-9898

Oh my dear Parkside has seriously won me over. I really regret taking this long to get to know Parkside and I shouldn’t have moved my 25th birthday dinner from this restaurant. I would have loved an older relationship! Alas, I’ll settle for our new budding one.

So my first experience was a light one at TECHmunch (food blogging workshop during SXSW) where I’ve sampled some horderves. Their vichyssoise even inspired a Friday Food Definition for me. I vowed to come back soon and less than a month later, I saw a great opportunity. There was an Anthony Bourdain special at the resturant where if you order the veal tongue you can get the blond pate or sweetbread for free. All you had to do is present your tickets! (See previous entry for my recap of an Evening with Anthony Bourdain).

Jamie’s never been or heard of Parkside before so it was a pretty new experience for the both of us. I hadn’t really tried enough of their menu. The samples at TECHmunch just merely wetted my appetite. Also, I never really saw how absolutely darling this place was as I just went straight upstairs for the workshop. The ambiance is quite charming and cozy.

Charming Atmosphere
Isn’t the island really cute?

We took advantage of the Anthony Bourdain special and ordered the veal tongue and sweetbread over mascarpone raviolli. Also ordered fried okra as a side, and split the parmesan risotto as an entree. All awesome! We were pleasantly surprised and touched that we also received a complimentary appetizer of crab fritters. How fantastic is that? Needless to say, we walked into the Paramount theatre afterwards with full bellies (and were also pleasantly tipsy! What? It was happy hour!)

Veal Tongue
Braised veal tongue, apple duo, horseradish, mustard

This was divine. I’ve had my first beef tongue experience at Hugo’s in January, so I already knew I’m a fan of this delicacy. The apple complemented the tongue very elegantly. I loved the differences of texture, the slight crunch of the apples and then then the tenderness of the the tongue. Mm. I’m smacking my lips right now and probably annoying my neighbor sitting next to me at the library.

Sweet Bread
Lamb sweetbreads, mascarpone ravioli, farm salad

I wrote about what sweetbread is last week (thymus or pancreas). This was my very first experience with sweetbread. It’s a little chewy and reminds me a little bit of a fried oyster, only chewier. It was … good? I think the chewiness and my knowing it’s a pancreas kind of screws with my mind a little. But overall, I enjoyed my first experience and am open to a second. The ravioli was luscious.

Crab Fritters
Crab Fritters

We didn’t actually order the crab fritters and was delightfully surprised when a server (not ours) presented us with a ‘gift from the restaurant.’ As if they hadn’t won me over yet :). Listen, I like fried foods. I like crab. And I’ll say it, I love balls. This was a winner! Melt in your mouth goodness.

Fried Okra
Fried Okra

Who isn’t a fan of fried okra?

Parmesan risotto, foraged mushrooms, basil oil, petite greens

Risotto was perfection.

Man, we left with a glorious alcoholic and food related buzz. Thank you, Parkside.

happy jamie

happy me

P.S. I was told by Ken Stein of Paramount Theatre that the fried egg sandwich from Parkside is heaven on a plate. Fried egg sandwich, I’ve got my eye on you!

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