Push-Cart Dim Sum in Cary, North Carolina

Photo with header: "Push Cart Dim Sum, Cary, North Carolina"  Swan-shaped pastries in the foreground with some generic pastries in the background

The dim sum scene in the Triangle is pretty meager. My long-standing favorite is East Coast Asian Bistro, but coming from living in or close to Houston with a thriving Chinatown abundant with dim sum restaurants, even East Coast Asian Bistro is “very good for NC.” An Instagram follower who felt the same about the lack of substantial choices in the Triangle of North Carolina put me onto Shanghai Alley in Cary, North Carolina. They have the classic cart experience I miss in the Triangle 🥟 !

Photo of four friends sitting at a red booth inside of the restaurant with some dim sum dishes on the table. Location: Shanghai Alley in Cary, North Carolina

Shanghai Alley didn’t quite top my favorite spot judging only from my first visit. Their sesame balls had dry paste filling and some of their dishes like the chicken feet and turnip cake fell flat for me. But still by Triangle standards, this place is a treasure. It’s the only place with carts right now and I feel protective of the very few dim sum contenders we have locally.

Overhead photo of Dim Sum dishes. Pictured: steamed baos with Chinese barbecue, dumplings, sticky rice. All from restaurant serving Push-Cart Dim Sum in  North Carolina

They have adorable durian swan pastries I was so tempted to order but my dining mates were not interested in durian. I enjoyed their shrimp rice noodle rolls and their savory mochi dumplings! You’d have to ask for what appears to be house-made chili paste; it’s soo good.

I’m happy Shanghai Alley is here, and I’ll be rooting for them! Their service was great and they have the cutest interior. They have great reviews for dinner and I will return.

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Shanghai Alley
1148 Kildaire Farm Rd, Cary, NC 27511