Chez Zee Amiercan Bistro

5406 Balcones Dr
Austin, TX 78731
(512) 454-2666

I’ve only been to Chez Zee once before a couple of years ago for a business lunch. I ordered the creme brulee French toast because I had heard raving reviews of their creme brulee french toast. If memory serves, it was pretty good. I wanted to experience their brunch this time around and scheduled a date with the lovely Selina.

While we waited we had complimentary croissants and strawberry butter. The strawberry butter was airy and light. YUM.

We decided to order two omelettes and split them. I don’t recall ever having seafood in my omelets before. Selina and I chose the crab meat omelette and the lobster and shrimp omelette.

Sautéed lobster, shrimp, broccoli, artichokes and sun dried tomatoes,
topped with a creamy basil-pesto sauce and garnished with toasted pinenuts.

A lot of my top favorite ingredients are in the lobster shrimp omelette. Lobster, shrimp, pesto, pinenuts, artichoke, and sun dried tomatoes. Such a winning combination and I died a little with each bite. Each bite was it’s own separate experience. I’d order this again and again. And once more after that.

Grilled shallots, roasted red pepper, and Old Bay seasonings with fresh crabmeat and Monterey Jack cheese.

This was pretty good too. Taste just as you would expect, deliciously crabby. I appreciate that they did not skimp on the crab meat.

And then, what is brunch without mimosas?

So basically, on Sunday morning, we started off our day with lobster, shrimp, crab, and champagne. How’s that for the perfect start of a day?

The ambiance is very sweet and whimsical. Colorful Christmas lights. Shiny red Baldwin piano that was occupied by a skilled pianist.

Selina & Me :)

I’d say I’d come here again, and I totally and happily would if invited, but there’s just so much to eat in the world and not enough time. Maybe we’ll meet again, Chez Zee, maybe. Regardless, you were wonderful.

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