A Lunch in the Life: El Chilito

2225 Manor Rd
Austin, TX 78705
(512) 382-3797

Tracey, a great friend, vegetarian, and enthusiastic El Chilito regular
Last week, I picked up lunch at El Chilito with Tracey and took it back to her office on campus to munch on while catching up. It was a miserable, rainy, and cold day which probably accounted for no lines at El Chilito. I’ve never been but word on the street is that the lines at lunch can be awful especially during our horrible Texan summers. I’ve never been to El Chilito but Alan and I used to frequent El Chile, their big sister restaurant, sometimes weekly, and I remember wondering about El Chilito and their tacos.

It’s not a sit down restaurant. You order from an ordering window outside and then walk over to a pick up window and wait. Simple enough, right?

Cochinita Pibil
Yucatan style braised pork, this was a delicious taco! I let the lovely lady at the window choose my tacos for me. She told me this is their most popular taco. The sauce was very flavorful. A winner, indeed.

Pollo Asado
So this was a bit lacking for me, the chicken was a little bland. I saved it with their salsa though. Tracey’s coworker said she could swim in their salsa. I think I could too, with my mouth open.

So I’m 1.5 for 2. Not bad, El Chilito! I do like having so many taco places in ATX to frequent and do not mind coming back here, adding this to the “places to go to lunch with Tracey around campus” list.

P.S. El Chilito gets a bonus point for having watermelon agua fresca.

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