Houston: Hugo’s

1602 Westheimer Road
Houston, TX 77006

(713) 524-7744

Friday night, I had a date with Kim and we were initially going to do something crazy and try grasshoppers at the famed Hugos. We never ordered the grasshoppers when push came to shove but we had an impeccable dining experience. I may have found my favorite restaurant in Houston.

We went with the squash blossoms crepes for appetizers. They had squash blossoms, huitlacoche (fungal delicacy that grows on ears of corn), mushrooms and cheese topped with poblano cream and gratineed. I’ve never had huitlacoche or squash blossoms. Great first experience.

Kim ordered soft crab and corn bread that tasted like a fancied up Rudy’s cream of corn. The soft crab melted in our mouths.

Mariscos al Aijillo.

My entree was the seafood plate. Mariscos al Aijillo has shrimp, scallop, lobster, mussels, clams, oysters and octopus, sautéed in olive oil with roasted garlic, chile de arbol and lime. The dish on the whole was AMAZING. There’s a little bit of sauce from the olive oil, chile and lime that served as a great broth to eat with the rice. The seafood in it was fresh. Slicing into the scallops felt like running a warm knife through butter. The lobster tail was succulent.

Our waiter suggested we have the churros because it is “very Mexican.” It’s filled with dulce de leche filling and served with chocolate ice cream and their famed Mexican hot chocolate. It was a lovely treat. Don’t be too shy to dip your churro in the hot chocolate.

My lovely date.

Next time I’m in Houston, we’re definitely going back and this time for brunch. If you ever find yourself in Houston, do yourself a big favor and make this restaurant a priority.

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