Houston: Sweet Paris

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I’m going to Paris in May! The plan is to spend 3 days in Paris, 2 days in London, 2 days in Amsterdam, and a 17-hour layover in Istanbul. We are booking our lodging and airfare piecemeal due to budgetary constraints. Today, we booked our first three nights in lodging in a darling studio apartment in Montmartre, Paris. I cannot wait and really enjoy the planning process of a trip.

Since I’ve had this as a concrete goal since last year, I’ve become more of a Francophile. More croissant dates and crepe dates! On Christmas Eve, my friend Dave and I had our second French-inspired date in just a month’s time. He chose a creperie in Houston aptly named Sweet Paris. Located in Rice Village, this space was light and airy and reminded me a lot of eateries in New York with the narrow floor plan. Or Cafe Medina in Vancouver.

I ordered the turkey, grapes, and brie crepe. A great combination for a crepe filling and I cannot wait to experiment with grapes in a savory context in my home cooking. All savory crepes come with a small side salad.

Turkey, Grape, and Brie; $7.75

It was a decent crepe! The crepe was fluffy and warm and the filling was almost perfect. The cheese could have been a little more gooey.

Nutella Crepe, $5.75

Dave ordered a nutella crepe. Sure for two dollars you can make all the nutella crepes you want at home, but the beautiful presentation of Sweet Paris’s crepes has a luxurious feel to them. Also, I love that their business gives back to the world community. For every crepe purchase, Sweet Paris donates one school meal to a child in need through the U.N. World Food Program. How lovely is that? It warms my heart and makes my stomach happy.

Sweet Paris
2420 Rice Blvd
Houston, TX 77005
(713) 360-6266