Brunch Buffet at Hugo’s: A Plate by Plate Play by Play

1602 Westheimer Road
Houston, TX 77006

(713) 524-7744

Back in July, Kim and I had Hugo’s for the first time and fell in love. Sunday, we went back for brunch and fell deeper. My friend, Elizabeth saw my Hugo’s pictures on facebook and shared that not only is Hugo’s her favorite restaurant but also the tres leches cake which is served only at brunch is her favorite. This Thanksgiving weekend was my first time back in Houston since then and I had to make sure I experience their brunch and this tres leches cake. So who better to go with me than Kim?!

We each ordered the Sandia Mimosa. We love champagne in the morning. This mimosa has watermelon juice in it and aguave nectar. It was refreshing and a nice twist from the usual orange juice.

Here’s a view of my first plate from their marvelous buffet. Their buffet is nicely presented. No metal buffet tins over heat lamps here. No spit guard here! If you look to the right on my plate, that is squash pudding. It was so delicious I had to get more. Light, fluffy, sweet. I’m tempted to look up a recipe!

My second plate is pictured above. More squash pudding, a tamale, something good with fried egg on it, a cheesy spicy cauliflower, lamp chop, grilled oysters, right next to the grilled oysters is beef tongue! I never had beef tongue and was excited to try. It was super tender (a good thing). I never had my oysters grilled either. I’ve only had them fried and raw. Grilled is a nice option! It’s a nice alternative for those of you who can’t stand the slimy texture of raw oysters.

Kim commented on how adventurous I was to try beef tongue. She said they actually do look like tongues which is not aesthetically appetizing. I must agree but I talked her into eating a bit of my beef tongue and videoed her experience for your viewing pleasure.

Toasting to another good plate.

My third plate: fish enchiladas, slow roasted pork, brisket, and a stuffed pepper (stuffed with chicken). The pork was so good. Brisket falls apart in your mouth like it should. After our third plate, we gleefully agreed it was time for dessert!

My happy dessert plate. If you notice, the biggest piece of cake I got was the tres leches. Also pictured is a churro, some rice pudding, a chocolate cake, and a chocolate raspberry cake. The only thing I didn’t love was the raspberry chocolate cake and that is because I don’t like raspberry. I guess I got overexcited at the dessert table.

I washed everything down with Mexican hot chocolate. Mmmm. I’ve roped Kim into agreeing to brunching with me here every time I’m in Houston.

She agreed! Lookit the joy in her eyes.