Hawkers Asian Street Food Launches Brunch Service in Chapel Hill

Staring this weekend, Hawkers Asian Street Food will be serving brunch in Chapel Hill! Lucky me got to try every single thing on their brunch menu, and I’m telling you, you’ll want to do the same. And if you need some convincing on eating brunch at Hawkers, please see my photo essay below as further evidence.

Hawkers Asian Street Food Brunch

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Gorgeous Cocktails on Hawkers Asian Street Food New Brunch Menu

I tried all five cocktails and couldn’t pick a favorite. I mean, have you had a kimchi Bloody Mary? And who can say no to cotton candy?

Pictured above is the On Cloud Wine cocktail. It’s a split bottle of sparkling Rosé topped with fluffy cotton candy. You can see it in action here (follow me on Tiktok while you’re at it)!

I love how some of these drinks are so interactive. We have the cotton candy on the On Cloud Wine cocktail, but also the fun shrimp and kimchi stuffed olive in the Kimchi Bloody Mary pictured below and the fun color-changing cocktail, The Butterfly Effect. Their menu describes the Butterfly Effect perfectly as a mood ring in a glass. Lightly sweet and fresh with Tito’s vodka, butterfly pea flower tea, and a color-changing sidecar of fresh lemon juice. When you add the lemon juice it changes from blue to purple!

Hawkers Asian Street Food Brunch Dishes

And here are some of the brunch dishes I previewed during their media night.

xiao long bao

Listen, Linda, listen. If there are soup dumplings on the menu, you bet I’ll be ordering them. These xiao long bao are filled with pork and a rich bone broth. I love to pour a little of the soy vinegar sauce and ask for a side of their spicy chili oil.

Pork Baos

Pictured above are the Char Siu Baos. Two fluffy bao buns filled with roasted char siu. The char siu is sweet and tangy and the baos are topped with scallions.

Coconut Curry Eggs Benedict

These coconut curry benedicts were a tad messy to eat but were so worth it. They are toasty baguettes topped with crispy pork belly, poached eggs, and a coconut curry hollandaise.

Korean Fried Chicken Biscuits

Two freshly baked biscuits stacked with Korean fried chicken, sausage gravy, fried eggs, and sauced with sweet and spicy gochujang. The fried chicken was so tender and crispy! Magic how they do that.

Shrimp and “Grits”

The shrimp and grits at Hawkers is actually shrimp and congee! As someone who grew up on congee, I associate congee with comfort food reserved for when you’re under the weather. If you’ve never heard of congee, it’s an Asian rice porridge. The Shrimp and “Grits” here at Hawkers is a snazzier take! It has a nice kick and this is the first time I’ve had it with shrimp! I love this take on Shrimp and Grits!

Chinese Sausage and Fried Egg

If you’re looking for something traditional and more simple for your Asian brunch experience, order the Traditional. It’s steamed rice served with Chinese sausage and a fried-egg. Another, childhood staple of mine!

🎶 Tots! Tots! Tots! 🎶

If you’re a friend of the blog, you already know I’m obsessed with tots. I noticed there weren’t nearly enough loaded and unique tots in the North Carolina area, so so ecstatic to see this Pork Belly Hash made with tots on the brunch menu. These tots are loaded with crispy pork belly, bell peppers, fried egg, and curry gravy!

Hong Kong Style Bubble Waffle

Hawkers Asian Street Food - Bubble Waffle Photo by Linda Nguyen

I’m so excited that these bubble waffle treats have made their way to my area of North Carolina. Hawker’s take of these desserts has lemon custard and fresh berries. Look, I always thought I’m not a lemon dessert kind of gal, but I could not stop eating this. It’s not too tart if you’re lemon-dessert shy like me!

Showstopping Pandan Kaya Pancakes

Another fun flavor I grew up on an Asian American is Pandan. Never have I ever had this flavor in a pancake and dang, does it work. These pandan pancakes layered with kaya jam, topped with maple cream, toasty coconut, whipped cream, and fresh seasonal berries. My eating buddy Arturo said it might be his favorite bite from our brunch! Besides, what’s a brunch without pancakes?

And that concludes my preview of the entire brunch menu by Hawkers Asian Street Food in Chapel Hill!

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Hawkers Asian Street Food
201 S Estes Dr #400A, Chapel Hill, NC 27514