Bubble Tea in the Triangle

Best Places to Get Bubble Tea in the Triangle

I’m happy to see the bubble tea scene pop off in just the last five years I’ve lived here in North Carolina! When I first moved here, I was happy to see we had one of my favorite bubble tea chains in Cary, but was still a little sad that there wasn’t much else. Since then, some decent places have opened and there are even a few more places I haven’t yet tried! So here’s my current list of the best places to get bubble tea in the Triangle. As always, I’ll update my list as I make my way through to more gems!

This list was last updated in May 2023.

Moge Tee in Raleigh, Durham, and Chapel Hill

I recently visited Moge Tee, a boba shop with multiple locations throughout the Triangle. I tried their Mango Yogurt Boba and the Brown Sugar and Matcha Latte, and both were so good! The texture of both the white boba and the traditional boba were perfect. With locations near UNC campus and NC State campus, it’s easy to see why college students flock to Moge Tee!

Moge Tee
multiple locations

Feng Cha in Morrisville

Feng Cha opened in May 2022 in Morrisville. We tried their two most popular, Creme Brulee Dirty Boba and the Bursting Dragon Fruit, and my usual Matcha Latte with milk cap, all of them made me quite happy!

Feng Cha
3037 Village Market Place, Morrisville, NC 27560

Cha Cha Dance Yourself Over to Cha House

Cha House is my favorite place for bubble tea! There’s one on Franklin St in Chapel Hill but lately, I’ve been defaulting to the new location in Cary. You can see a video I posted on my Instagram Reels of the Cary space here! They have both sweet treats and savory Taiwanese dishes. I love their popcorn chicken and their tofu snack. Oh, and they’re the only place I’ve seen scallion pancake SANDWICHES. Cheesy and delicious!

Cha House
Multiple locations


Meet Fresh is a global franchise hailing from Taiwan aiming to bring Taiwanese shaved ice desserts and bubble tea to the international stage. They are tucked away in Meadowmont Village in Chapel Hill, and definitely worth a trip.

Meet Fresh
407 Meadowmont Village Cir, Chapel Hill, NC 27517

Boba Baba for Boba Drinks & Weekend Desserts

Boba Baba is such a great spot for drinks and desserts. My usual order is their strawberry matcha latte. I love visiting during the weekends. On weekends they alternate between offering cream puffs and mochi donuts.

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Boba Baba
12102 Bradford Green Square, Cary, NC 27513

Breads, Desserts, and Bubble Tea at Brecotea

Bubble Tea in the Triangle

I admire Brecotea’s commitment to try new exciting bubble tea offers. I came by and tried some of their milkshake-esque new offerings. In addition to the usual boba and jellies, they also use custards for drink fillings! The real star of this establishment though is their bakery. Stock up on airy and fluffy Asian breads and desserts while you’re at Brecotea!

1144 Kildaire Farm Rd, Cary, NC 27511

Kungfu Tea

I first had Kungfu Tea in New York during a really rough trip in 2014. I distinctly remember it being my first time having warm boba during a chilly Halloween weekend in New York. It gave me so much comfort during my personal angst! I continued my love affair with Kungfu Tea in both Austin and Houston and when I first moved to North Carolina, I was comforted to know that just 30 minutes away from me in Cary, North Carolina, sits a Kungfu Tea. I just never have a photo because my go-to order comes in an opaque paper cup. A warm coconut milk tea with boba.

Kungfu Tea
966 High House Rd Suite 124, Cary, NC 27513

Bubble Tea in the Triangle

I love getting my matcha latte with a milk cap at Milk Lab. Have you had a milk cap? They’re also called cheese caps. They’re this foamy topping made with milk and it’s both a tad sweet and a tad salty. It’s an acquired taste for some but I’ve always loved it! Instead of boba, I get mango jellies. They’re star-shaped!

Milk Lab
multiple locations

Budacai Boba

Bubble Tea in the Triangle

I guess you can say matcha lattes with a cheese cap and mango star jellies are a thing for me. Pictured is yet another one of these drinks from Raleigh’s Budacai. The Instagramer in me really appreciated their flower wall! Since my last visit, I’ve learned they’ve expanded their menu. I spy pho on it! I’m working on a Vietnamese food and pho guide and can’t wait to return to do some yummy research!

120 E Martin St, Raleigh, NC 27601

And this ends my list of favorites for boba or bubble tea in the Triangle. Leave a comment if I left off yours!

Hope you enjoyed my list of the best places to grab bubble tea in the Triangle! For more Triangle content, check out my Ultimate Guide to the Triangle.

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