Pumpkin Desserts in the Triangle

10 Spots to Get Yummy Pumpkin Desserts in the Triangle this Fall

Pumpkin Desserts in the Triangle

It took moving to North Carolina to really fall for Fall! The changing leaves are truly something to fawn over. (Texas’s Fall season isn’t as magical as North Carolina.) In celebration of this magical season in North Carolina, I went on pumpkin desserts in the Triangle tour! I’m excited to make this a yearly tradition. Here are 10 spots for some pumpkin-flavored delights. These bakeries, ice cream shops, and restaurants are wonderful establishments to visit year-round, so keep them in mind after pumpkin season is over!

Every Season is Ice Cream Season at Fresh Local Ice Cream

I finally made my way to one of Raleigh’s beloved ice cream shops! Fresh Local Ice Cream has October Specialty Flavors with two featuring pumpkin. Pictured on the top is the Pumpkin Pie ice cream. Pumpkin ice cream with golden butter graham cracker pieces. Also on their October Speciality Flavors is the Autumn Spice Cookie, which has a pumpkin cookie crumble from Southern Sugar Bakery. The texture of their ice cream is amazing.

I look forward to returning to try some of their permanent flavors!

Fresh Local Ice Cream
multiple ice cream

The Most GOURD-eous Pumpkin Treats at Asali

Pumpkin Desserts in the Triangle - Asali

Asali Desserts makes some of the most beautiful desserts in the area. Definitely visit even if you’re not looking for pumpkin desserts.

Pictured front and center is my new dessert obsession and favorite of the samples. The pumpkin mousse cake!  It’s a layered spongy spice cake topped with a layer of smooth pumpkin cheesecake mousse with a biscoff crust and covered in a mirror glaze!  SO GOOD. It’s seasonal and will only be available in the next few weeks, so go soon!

Also pictured is the pumpkin cake pop! Sugarface’s favorite of our samples.  It’s a spice cake and buttercream covered in a layer of chocolate. 

I’ve also featured Asali on my Matcha Dessert Post.

Asali Desserts & Cafe
107 Edinburgh S Dr. Suite 106-A, Cary, NC 27511

Pumpkin Challah Bread, Pumpkin Scones, and more at La Farm

La Farm has a few pumpkin treats for you to try this Fall! Pictured is the pumpkin challah bread which has been making breakfast at home so delicious. They also currently have pumpkin macarons and pumpkin scones! I’ve previously featured La Farm for brunch!

P.S. Don’t forget to stock up on my favorite, their white chocolate baguettes!

La Farm Bakery
4248 NW Cary Pkwy Cary, NC 27513

Pumpkin Crème Brûlée & Pumpkin Cocktails at Bittersweet

The dessert cocktail bar that is Bittersweet is such a great date spot. During COVID, they have outdoor seating for safer dining. During this fall season, they have a pumpkin creme brulee AND a pumpkin cocktail. Cheers to both!

Bittersweet Raleigh
16 E Martin St, Raleigh, NC 27601

Pumpkin Croissants and Macarons at lucettegrace

lucettegrace is a dessert darling of Raleigh. It just takes one visit to see while they’re so highly-esteemed. They have pumpkin macarons available that I’ve yet to try. Their pumpkin croissant is simply amazing. Sugarface isn’t the biggest fan of pumpkin-flavored desserts but was very impressed by this croissant too!

P.S. I feel a calling to do a a croissant round-up is soon!

235 S Salisbury St, Raleigh, NC 27601

Pumpkin Bread Pudding at Acme

Bread pudding is one of my top favorite desserts. If it’s on the menu, I’ll be ordering it! I absolutely fell in love with Acme’s pumpkin bread pudding. Served warm with salted caramel. It. Is. Divine. Acme is currently open for patio dining on takeout, and curbside. Sign up for their email list! Their emails are one of the very few marketing emails that I actually look forward to receiving!

I’ve also featured Acme in my brunch post and my donut guide!

110 E Main St, Carrboro, NC 27510

Pumpkin Hand Pie from Yellow Dog

Pumpkin Desserts in the Triangle

I made the same facial expression as this Pumpkin Hand Pie from Yellow Dog when the lady before me ordered the last one. I gasped and made that very same face. She took pity on me and let me have the last one. This flaky dessert hand pie has pumpkin filling! As you can see, Yellow Dog often runs out. So come get your own Pumpkin Hand Pie and treat yourself to some of their other baked goodies. Like their twice-baked croissant!

Yellow Dog
219 E Franklin St, Raleigh, NC 27604

Pumpkin Cake from Union Special

Union Special currently has a pumpkin cake with chocolate chip! I love pairing pumpkin with chocolate. The cake was decent but I’ll be remiss to not push their breakfast sandwich and twice-baked croissants on you. Their breakfast sandwich with bacon literally made me dance in public.

Union Special
2409 Crabtree Blvd #102, Raleigh, NC 27604

Pumpkin Cheesecake at Cha House

Cha House has pumpkin cheesecakes available in the fall. They source their cheesecakes from a local bakery in Greensboro called Cheesecakes by Alex. They are decadently creamy and pair so well with coffee!

To see an Instagram Reel I recently published about their Cary location opening, click on this link.

Cha House
multiple locations

Pumpkin Pull-Apart Bread from Layered

Pumpkin Desserts in the Triangle - Layered

One of my favorite places to get croissants with delicious fillings is Layered. During this fall season, they have a pumpkin pull-apart bread with pumpkin cream cheese icing and it’s the cutest cup of flaky pull-apart bread. Made with croissants, it’s just as flaky as their other creations. They are currently open for curbside and takeout during COVID-19.

Layered Croissanterie
911 N West St Suite 107, Raleigh, NC 27603

And that concludes my tour of Pumpkin desserts. I wanted to get this out before some of these treats disappear from their menu but as always, I’ll update this list as I eat my way through the Triangle! If you have any pumpkin tips for me, please drop me a comment!

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