The Tea Lounge

1700 W Parmer
Ste 210
Austin, TX 78727
(512) 833-7888

I try to keep my eating and drinking life spontaneous but I still have a handful of eating routines. Madam Mams for Thai food in Austin, Pho Dan for pho in Austin, are a couple that come to mind. Well, I have two bubble tea places I go to by default for 10 years now. That’s right, 10 years. Ever since I moved to Austin. For my bubble tea fix, I default to Coco’s and Tapioca House. A new bubble tea place opened up near my neck of the woods and I pretty much ignored it til recently. My friend, Julie who is familiar with the other two popular bubble tea places tells me she now prefers, Tea Lounge.

Fast forward to this weekend, I had a meeting with my friend Deesh to discuss a new project and he suggested we meet at his new bubble tea place. Hello, Tea Lounge!

First impression is, there’s a whole row of Cafe Du Monde coffee tins on the counter, which quickly indicated to me that this bubble tea place has Vietnamese coffee, something neither Coco’s or Tapioca house has. I’m a huge fan of Vietnamese coffee and have never had it with pearls before. Right away, I knew my order. My second impression is, that I’m pretty late to this scene. This place had a steady and full crowd. Everyone is happy staying cool in the AC, eating and drinking sweet treats, and socializing. Tea Lounge has a book shelf stocked full of games and many patrons giggled over these games. My third impression is, they serve shaved ice desserts! One of my favorite summer time treats.

My bubble tea date

The only thing that makes me sad is that I’m moving away from this area in three weeks. I feel remiss for ignoring this fun and casual hangout spot for as long as I did.

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