Boston: Pepper Sky’s

Pepper Sky’s
20 Pearl St
Cambridge, Massachusetts 02139
(no website)

I wish I was better at documenting restaurants a few years ago when traveling. Maybe if I’m lucky I can dig through my paper journals but I barely remember maybe a handful of my meals the last two times I was in Boston (2004, 2005). I’m much better at recording now! For our first meal, I requested BFF/Mary Ellen to take me to her favorite Thai place that she’s told me about. I’ve taken her to Madam Mams in Austin and she said Pepper Sky’s is not as good as Mams but is the closest she found. Upon walking in, I noticed there are about 15 tables crammed into the small restaurant. Every table was occupied 1-2 times our whole hour we were there. Which makes the following picture kind of amazing. I picked the perfect moment to snap a picture of the interior. I guess this is when customers were paying in the middle of getting seated.

Inside the restaurant

Pepper Sky’s Fish Cakes

We ordered fish cakes for appetizers and they were tasty with a hint of spiciness. The sauce tangy. They were good, as expected :) I haven’t had bad fish cakes yet.

We split an order of the Pad Thai and an order of Drunken Noodles.

Pepper Sky’s Pad Thai

The Pad Thai I wasn’t TOO big of a fan of but mostly because it tasted just like the first and last time I made Pad Thai (I made Alan Pad Thai for his birthday in 2007 when we just platonic roomies.) I enjoyed eating mine because there was a sense of accomplishment but there’s something about going to a restaurant and getting something you can make at home. The good thing is it has inspired me to make it again when I come home.

Pepper Sky’s Drunken Noodles

I loved this dish. It was good and spicy, how I like my noodles. The noodles were extra wide and weren’t tough like how a lot of wide noodles can sometimes be. It reminded me of my 2nd trip I took to San Diego (La Jolla) and ate by myself at a Thai restaurant and had my first experience of Thai noodles that were extra wide and it was so delicious. I can’t remember the name of the restaurant just that it had a pretty name as well and the word “rice” was in it. I even managed to find a picture of these noodles from California on my facebook.

Mystery La Jolla Thai Noodles circa 2007

You’re going to find me strange but I’ve thought about the mystery noodles off and on the last couple of years and stumbling on Pepper Sky’s Drunken Noodles was almost as sweet of a reunion as seeing my BFF :) Just kidding. My reunion with BFF wins easily.