Peached Tortilla Opens Brick and Mortar on Burnet

The food scene on Burnet Rd is flourishing!  Not too far down and across the street, Peached Tortilla opened a brick and mortar. Peached Tortilla is one of my favorite trailers in Austin so I was excited to see yet another great trailer graduate to B&M.

Peached Tortilla

Crispy Umami Chicken Wings; fish sauce vinaigrette, herbs, shallots; $9

These savory chicken wings remind me so much of Pok Pok’s Fish Sauce Fried Chicken Wings. It didn’t come as a surprise when I read later that these chicken wings were inspired by Pok Pok (a must eat if you ever eat in Portland!) Don’t be shy with these wings. Really dig in and don’t forget to lick your fingers.

Peached Tortilla

Kimchi Arancini Balls; wasabi & sriracha aioli, roasted nori (contains shellfish); $7

Have I ever told you that for my 30th birthday, I had a Balls Party? Every guest was required to bring a food item that was in the shape of balls. I like balls. These would have been a hit at my party.

Peached Tortilla

Lush Pork Belly Bowl; five spice pork belly, house kimchi (contains shellfish), pickled daikon carrots, 45 minute egg; $13

I was writing this blog post a couple of weeks ago while on a blogging date with Michelle of Foodie Is The New Forty and she kept talking about how the Pork Belly Bowl is one of her favorite dishes in Austin right now. And I agree with Michelle’s assessment. I’ll always order this bowl when I come to Peached.

Peached Tortilla
Bacon Jam Fries; green onions, sharp cheddar, fried egg, chili aioli, $8

I know bacon’s glory days are purported to be long gone and some diners have begged for chefs to quit it with the bacon already. I’m not one of those diners. I’ll never give up on bacon. Or fries for that matter. So these Bacon Jam Fries are my jam.

Not pictured but also tasted was the Southern Fun (braised brisket, kale, bean sprouts, wide rice noodles; $13). I decided that when going to Peached Tortilla, it’s best to bring a few dining partners because how else are you supposed to eat your favorites? I have an obsession with noodles and have a hard time resisting them on most menus. Which means I’ll have to order this as well as my favorite entrée the Lush Pork Belly Bowl every time I’m here. Which means I should bring friends if I ever want to eat more of Peached’s menu. Glutton problems.

Peached Tortilla

Singapore Fling ,coconut tapioca, palm sugar syrup, grilled Asian pear, lime zest; $7
In the back, a peek of the Nutella Banana Spring Rolls, $7.

For dessert, we tried the Singapore Fling and the Nutella Banana Spring Rolls. I liked the Singapore Fling. It wasn’t too sweet which is what a lot of Asian desserts are like. It almost has an airy quality to it and I love its fragrance. My eating companions preferred the Nutella Banana Spring Rolls as it was a bit more heavy-handed on the sugar because of the Nutella.

All in all, Peached Tortilla had a strong debut as a brick & mortar and I’m already looking forward to returning!

5520 Burnet Rd
Ste 100
Austin, TX 78756