Soy Sauce with your Egg Sandwiches

I just confessed a weird food quirk of mine to my dear friend Will over Google Chat. I was amazed to see that he’s the same way! Is this not odd? Conversation follows.

me: i just had an egg sandwich, with cheese, and bacon
Will: yum
me: and a dash of soy sauce. i love dashes of soy sauce on my egg sandwiches
Will: me toooo!!! Ever try maggi sauce w/ it? pretty good
me: yes thats the soy sauce i use!
Will: it’s tricky to get the right amount of soy sauce w/o dripping
Will: i make my eggs medium w/ egg sandwiches too so sometimes theyre runny. i <3 egg sandwiches and soy sauce!

Have you guys tried this? Will you be open minded enough to? Report back!