Kasbah Grill now permanently closed

Kasbah Grill
2851 Esters Rd
Irving, TX 75062

A couple of weekends ago, before leaving Dallas after Nisreen and Nino’s wedding, my brother, Deesh, Brit, and Alan and I tried out a Moroccan restaurant called Kasbah Grill. From the outside it looks a little desolate located next to a fire station. It was once a 7-Eleven. Kind of cool right? Deesh and Brit read good reviews and wanted to give it a try. Walking in, it was kind of neat to see the decor. A big change from a gas station! Here are some snapshots of the inside.

Pricing was very affordable. We all started with sides of hummus. Nothing spectacular. I haven’t yet had bad hummus. It was good.

We also ordered a large pot of mint tea. I was the only one who really didn’t l like it. It tasted like melted toothpaste to me. The others liked it though.

The teapot and cups were gorgeous. It kind of elicits a ceremonial feeling.

Now comes the fun part. The foooooooood! Alan and I ordered the same thing, the Royal Couscous which was meat and couscous with vegetables. Alan’s words on couscous: “Couscous, so good they named it twice.” Har har! He ordered his with chicken and I ordered mine with lamb.

Alan’s with Chicken

Mine with Lamb
The meat was so fricking tender. The lamb fell off the bone and was delicious. The vegetables were delicious too. Chickpeas, zucchini, squash, carrots. What really made it for me though was how tender the lamb was. A really good dish for under ten dollars!

Fes Chicken Tagine
Deesh and Brit both got the Fes Chicken Tagine, braised chicken preserved with lemons and olives. Tagines are the Moroccan pots that are used to cook the dishes.

My brother got the Kasbah Lamb Tagine: braised lamb with onions pictured below.

All in all it was a fantastic experience and I kind of wish I lived in Irving. I guess I’ll settle with my memories :) Mmmm lamb. This kind of inspired me to experiment with lamb when I cook.

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