Chef Point Cafe

5901 Watauga Rd
Watauga, TX 76148
(817) 656-0080

Last month, I completed one of my 2010 resolutions of visiting a new state by road tripping it to Oklahoma. On the way, we made a few food stops in the Fort Worth and Dallas area. Our first food stop wasn’t actually a food stop, but rather a drink stop! We stopped by our friend’s tea shop to say hi, drink some tea, and then ask for a lunch recommendation. She suggested Chef Point Cafe, a gas station restaurant, featured on Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives, just down the road from her.

Upon arrival, a rundown gas station storefront greeted us. This only excited me. I love the possibility of a homey restaurant cranking out impressive eats. Must be the romantic in me. We’ve been warned that the wait to this place is usually at least thirty minutes, but we lunched during an off hour and had no wait, though I must say I’m still impressed with the steady flow of hungry patrons.

I did the once over the list of specials at the entrance and was disheartened that both the duck and quail were sold out. I decided to just order off the regular menu. I was craving pasta and went with the shrimp and spinach pasta. Cindy ordered the ciopinno.

The ciopinno was bigger than her head! And marvelous. I sampled the mussels and it was perfectly cooked. And the broth. The broth. I could slurp on the flavorful tomato wine broth all afternoon!

The combination of the pasta, butter sauce, and garlic was such a guilty pleasure. This basic creamy pasta with shrimp and spinach was truly satisfying. It’s not often I treat myself to creamy pasta and this was a wonderful way to do it!

My road trip buddy and me!

As seen on Diners, Drive-ins, Drives:

I ate too fast (it’s a problem I have), overate, and still did not finish my food. It would have made lovely leftovers but we were on the road. Also, I was feeling quite bloated and so was my traveling food buddy. All this lead to an eating fail; we did not stay for dessert. We missed out on their bread pudding with cognac sauce. For reference, see the posted video below. For shame! Next time, Chef Point Cafe!

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