Houston: Carbonara at Coppa Osteria

Coppa Osteria

5210 Morningside
Houston, TX 77005
(713) 522-3535

A couple of weekends ago, my friends met for brunch at Taverna after cheering for me as I rappelled my way down The W Hotel Austin. I sat with them for a mere ten minutes because I had to run off to make a rendezvous point for a surprise party. Ten minutes was just long enough to order a side of roasted potatoes I didn’t have time to eat and to steal two bites of my friend’s carbonara. Guys, two bites of carbonara was not enough. I’ve been craving it ever since and almost squealed when I spotted it on the menu at Coppa Osteria this past weekend in Houston.

There are certain dishes I’m always drawn to when I spy them on a menu. Bread puddings, chocolate soufflés, arugula proscuitto pizzas, and carbonaras are all such dishes. In all my carbonara eating days, I’ve never had the server pour the cream and mix my pasta for me. I barely had enough time to steal this shot as the server poured on the decadent parmesan cream. Part of the joy of eating carbonara is breaking the egg yolk and gently folding it into your noodles. You won’t get that joy at Coppa Osteria as the server will perform that task for you. However, you may quickly forgive the trespass once you tuck into the pasta.

spaghetti carbonara: black pepper, parsley, salumi toscano, egg yolk, parmesan cream; $19

Carbonaras aren’t exactly diet friendly but that’s part of the joy of a great carbonara, the sense of sinful indulgence. Don’t tell anyone but I had my best friend play lookout as I licked the buttery creamy sauce from my spoon.

Question: What’s something you have to order if you spy it on a menu?