Antones: 2nd Stop of Progressive Lunch

A progressive meal is where you go to more than one place for one meal. Some people like to do it by course: an appetizer at one eatery, the main course at another, dessert at a last place. My friends and I do it by what the restaurant is known for. This entry is the third (out of four) of a series for a progressive lunch we had in Houston. Here is a list of the entries in chronological order:

1. Sneak Preview/Introduction of Progressive Lunch
2. Kolache Factory: First Stop of Progressive Lunch in Houston
3. Antones: 2nd Stop of Progressive Lunch
4. Little Bigs: Third and Thankfully Last Stop of Progressive Lunch

For our second stop for progressive lunch (third for me if you want to count the lunch I had with mom), Willis drove us to Antones, the original one. I used to LOVE Antones (3 locations in Houston) in high school. They’re famous for their po boys. I alternated between the tuna po boy and the original po boy. Dad often would get them for me while in high school and I often met up with friends junior and senior year of high school at Antones. It’s been years since I’ve had their sandwiches but man, it was one happy reunion. The three of us split one tuna po boy and one Original Po Boy (ham, salami, Provolone, chow chow, mayonnaise & dill Pickles). This rekindled my old flame and now I have another place to haunt when I go back to Houston.

Well I’m really past my bed time. Here are photos!

I think he’s trying to show us what’s inside…

Photos in this entry were taken by Thomas.