Lunch in the Life: The Best Egg Salad Sandwich I’ve Ever Had

Local Foods

2424 Dunstan Rd
Houston, TX 77005
(713) 521-7800

The best egg salad sandwich I’ve ever experienced was last weekend during a lunch date with Cindy at Local Foods in Houston. I ordered the Truffled Egg Salad, served on pretzel bun. The truffle oil really made the sandwich a decadent treat. Also, this was my first experience with pretzel bun and uh, why did it take me so long?

Truffled Egg Sandwich, $9.50 with either 2 sides or a soup

I’m attempting an “eat less meat, and do not overeat” lifestyle change. I took off the top slice of pretzel bread and attempted to make an open-faced sandwich. I couldn’t do it, guys. Buttery pretzel bread is impossible to resist.

Sexy Side View

I opted for the TX Tomato soup which is tomato soup with feta, olive crumble, and extra virgin olive oil. ($3.50/$5.50 on its own). The flavors were wonderful in this soup but I prefer the creamy variety of tomato soups and this was sans cream.

Bonus food porn shot: Cindy’s Falafel Sandwich, $9.50

I yanked a few chips from her basket. Delightful! Did you know that I’m certifiably addicted to chips?

I’m off to eat Vegas tomorrow! Have a lovely weekend, eaters!

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