Weekly Meal Plan (vol 3)

I know it is the trend to post meal plans on Mondays but since I do my grocery shopping and planning on the weekends, I’m going to go against the grain (no pun intended) a bit and post my weekly meal plans on the weekends. Hope these spark a few ideas for your own meal plans!


Cuban Black Beans & Rice

This was originally planned for last week on Friday but Alan’s parents came in and we went out for dinner instead. It was a new recipe for me and it was pretty tasty. I left out the radishes since Alan is not a fan but I imagine they would give a nice crunch to the meal.


Neely’s BBQ Spaghetti, salad

This is one of Alan’s favorite recipes that I’ve been making for him for years. I make this about every 3-4 months. It is WAY too sweet if you follow the recipe as is. Instead of 5 tablespoons of white sugar and brown sugar, I cut it down to 2 each. I also reduce the amount of ketchup by 1/4 of a cup to cut the sugar even more. Also, I add mushrooms!

I label my recipes in pinboard by weekday (less than an hour to make) and weekend (longer than an hour to make). Because the BBQ sauce taste better the longer you simmer it, I make this recipe only on the weekends!


Roasted Chicken Thighs with Fennel and Lemon, salad

I made this once before over a year ago and it was the first time Alan and I ate fennel. We were both skeptical about fennel but the lemon and chicken fat worked wonderfully to slightly mute the licorice flavors of fennel. I’m adding sliced onions to the roasting pan!


Mario Batali’s Chicken Thighs with Garlicky Crumbs , salad

Here’s a food confession: I’ve never grilled anything in my life! I usually let the men in my life take care of that at barbecues. Well, I’m finally going to face the grill. Our apartment complex has gas grills peppered around the property. I’m going to see if I can figure out how to turn one on and or light it to make this recipe.

I’ve also never cooked with anchovies; so this will be an exciting recipe for me, your friendly novice cook. Instead of snap peas, I’m going to use asparagus.


Iron Pot Chicken

I picked this new to me recipe to use up more chicken thighs. (I buy chicken in bulk.)


Ravioli, salad

I was supposed to make this last week according to last week’s plan but unexpected life happenings got in the way. I bought store made ravioli and will add a sauce. I’m having this on Thursday since I have a philanthropy committee meeting with Austin Food Bloggers Alliance at 7:30 and this will take no time at all to prepare. Just boil and prepare a sauce. I’ll probably throw in some asparagus and spinach to the sauce.


Mapo Tofu and Tomato Egg Drop Soup

Full disclosure, I won’t be making the Mapo Tofu I have linked. I buy ready made sauce from the Asian market and add the tofu, pork, and vegetables. The soup is one of my favorite dishes my mom used to make for me. I add tofu cubes to the soup to mirror my mom’s way.

I hope you’re enjoying your weekend!

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