Vancouver: Tojo’s

1133 Broadway W
Vancouver, BC V6H 1G1
(604) 872-8050

I recently teased this photo of Tojo as a Wordless Wednesday post, stating that Tojo gave me the best meal I had in Vancouver. I thought I’d do you right and finally post about this wonderful nine course omakase (“chef’s choice”) meal. I had Tojo’s on my list of places to visit in Vancouver because it was listed as one of about five places from Vancouver in my 1000 Places to See Before You Die book. It was a happy coincidence when I caught Anthony Bourdain’s Vancouver episode and Tojo was featured.

I wouldn’t eat at Tojo’s unless you do the omakase and sit at the bar.

Upon being seated, Tojo introduced himself to us. I asked if it was okay to take photos of him as he worked and he told me, “Take picture, take notes, do whatever.” Awesome.

The following courses are posted in chronological order.

Albacore tuna. clam, salmon, and snapper in Tojo’s special sauce

Zucchini flower tempura stuffed with scallops

Dungeness crab salad with miso dressing, pickled apples, cucumber, and rice noodles

Alaskan black cod, smoked with mangos. See below for opened up packet.

Handroll with clam and cucumber and Tojo’s special sauce

Salmon, scallops, shrimp, and crab rolled in an egg wrap


Note: The toro in Vancouver is so succulent and divine. We actually ate at an all you can eat sushi place the next day with all you can eat toro and was amazed by Vancouver’s toro. I don’t think I can eat toro in Texas again. Sadness.

Unagi roll wrapped in cucumber

We tapped out at 8 courses and smiled very graciously at Tojo and told him we were too stuffed. He nodded with approval and told us that he’ll make us something small and sweet for us to end on a sweet note.

Green tea crème brûlée

For nine courses, it cost us 150 CAD per person. (It’s priced by what you eat and how many courses you have.) Very much worth the money. Everything was fresh and local. We felt a little guilty for following such a magnificent and zen meal with a UFC fight at a dive bar. C’est la vie. My favorite sushi restaurant and restaurant in Austin, was Uchiko (named the 7th best new restaurant in the US earlier this year by GQ), but I think Tojo has stolen my favorite sushi spot in my heart. It’s honest food. No frills. Just emphasis on what’s local and seasonal. If you’re ever in Vancouver, Tojo’s a must eat.

P.S. Uchiko is still my main squeeze. I live in Austin, after all.