Boston: Myers + Chang

1145 Washington St
Boston, MA 02118
(617) 542-5200

So it’s actually been four months since I’ve had this meal in Boston. I eat at a lot of places and due to lack of time or romantic/bad lighting, half of the restaurants I want to blog about never get blogged. Especially if more than a couple of months passes by!

What inspired me to dig in my archives for these photos is two other bloggers recently posting a photo each of their pork belly bao sliders. 

I just wanted to add to the mix and post one from Boston.

Pork belly buns with brandy hoisen, $9

I really liked this. Pork belly was great and the sauce added a perfect amount of moistness to the sliders.

Pork dumplings, $11

I’m a sucker for pork dumplings. These unfortunately were average. Still fun to snack on but with such a comprehensive menu, I advise you to try something else.

Unanimously, the two stars of the meal were the ginger sesame waffles of the chicken and waffles and the Indonesian fried rice.

Chicken & waffles, $17

Nasi Goreng (Indonesian fried rice): pork, shrimp, pineapple, farm egg, $14

Oh so good! Have fun mixing up the rice and be careful with the sambal sauce!

Next time I’m in Boston to visit the best friend, I can see us stopping by for a quick lunch and just each get a bowl of the rice and ask if they could just give us the waffles and hold the chicken (the chicken was decent, a tad dry). Besides, it’ll give us room for our bowl of rice.

Thanks Shelley for alerting me to Myers + Chang and Flour (their sister restaurant)! They were both wonderful finds during my last visit to Boston.