Salt Lick

3350 Palm Valley Blvd
Round Rock, TX 78665

(512) 386-1044

Salt Lick, one of Austin’s pride and joy, has been in my life since 2003ish. It’s our claim to fame when it comes to barbecue (we’re lucky to have a few famed places) and has made a handful of appearances on food and travel channels. I’m happy to find that they’ve opened a Round Rock location which is a bit closer to me than the beloved original way way down South. It appears that this new location has a full bar which means it’s not BYOB like the original so that’s a wee downer. It does have the same feel and food though! You’d think that’ll be the case but they had a 360 location that kind of failed in terms of ambiance (it was long before the 360 location closed.) Oh, and it also takes credit cards, something the Driftwood/original location has never done.

In celebration of his graduation, Bing’s parents treated us to delicious food at the new location last weekend. Of course, you know I had my camera.

Speaking of famed BBQ places, I need to go get ready for the annual Big Brothers Big Sisters of America Chrismas party held at another famed BBQ place, County Line!

Hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend.

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