Reunion at Blue Dahlia Bistro

1115 E 11th St
Austin, TX 78702

(512) 542-9542

I love the holidays because it tends to bring old faraway friends back home. On my way drive back to Austin from Houston, feeling incredibly full from Hugo’s reunion with Kim, I get a text message from my Solemate, Kym. She’s going to be in Austin for just a few hours, will I be free? Kym, Dave and I were INSEPARABLE summer of 2005. That was when our friendship budded and it was a fast friendship. Everyday during summer session, the three of us would look at each other after class and ask, “What are we doing today?” Giggling manically while scheming. So Sunday, literally 30 minutes after my 3 hour drive, Kym and I managed to pull Dave away from the library doing work to have a proper reunion.

Dave took us to Blue Dahlia, his favorite affordable romantic date place. A French restaurant especially picked to honor Kym’s Parisian roots.

Dave hadn’t had dinner yet so he ordered the egg salad. It came with capers which he picked off and Kym and I picked up. Kym already had dinner and as I said, I was full from Hugo’s, so we opted to order two desserts to share. (It’s a wonder I still fit in my clothes! I haven’t even showed you all of what I’ve eaten over the weekend!) We order bread pudding and the triple chocolate mousse.

I thoroughly enjoyed it all. Especially the desserts. I’d come back here next time I want to have a cozy place to nibble desserts and chat. I think we turned heads with all the giggling we did. Enjoy the photos.

Dessert Menu!

I’d order the bread pudding again!

Triple Chocolate Mousse

Egg Salad

Did I tell you the three of us actually have a motto?

I stole this picture from Kym’s facebook.

P.S. I started my new job today! They take 3:00 coffee breaks together. How cute is that?

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