Nundini Italian Deli & Food Store

Nundini Italian Deli

On my last visit to Houston, Ms. Cindy introduced me to Nundini Italian Deli & Food Store. Judging just its exterior, you may find Nundini a little irrelevant. However, when you walk in, you can’t help but marvel at what a hidden gem this place is and feel privileged to be let in on such a delicious secret. Inside, you’ll find a fresh Italian dessert bakery known for their cannolis, a deli with specialty paninis, and a market of Italian groceries and imports. Cindy does swear that their cannolis are to die for and I may just come back to grab one on my next trip. (After all, I love progressive meals in Houston.) Their Italian imports market reminds me very much of Austin’s Mandola’s Market (my favorite Italian casual dining and market place in Austin. Only Italian market that I’ve experienced actually).

Their market and import selection is awesomely extensive. See photos below, a representation of just a sliver of what Nundini carries.

imported goods
imported goods
imported goods
imported goods

Our Food Samplings


We split the Parma, a proscuitto and mozarella in toasted cibatta bread panini. Such a simple concept with just a few ingredients, yet this sandwich really delivers and satisfies. Each bite was met with a happy sigh or quiet groan. In fact, I’m stifling a groan as I type this. I suggest splitting this sandwich as it’s hearty and filling. Besides, how else would you be able to sample all the other goodies they have?

We each got our own cup of mango sorbetto and chocolate gelato. They make their own gelato and sorbetto and ya’ll, really, the mango tasted exactly like a fresh and ripe and sweet mango. It was heavenly. This mango sorbetto was the hook for our choosing Nundini to begin with. I told Cindy, I was craving some fruity desserts and my inspiration is JuiceBox’s dessert (pictured below in case you didn’t want to click on the link.)

Juice Box's mango & strawberries, with strawberry ice cream over shaved ice and drizzled with condensed milk

Juicebox’s fresh mangoes & strawberries, strawberry ice cream, over shaved iced, and drizzled with condensed milk

Cindy’s response to my wanting to try something new with Juicebox as the inspiration was to take me to try Nundini’s mango sorbetto.

Mango sorbetto & chocolate gelato

Nundini’s mango sorbetto & chocolate gelato

Had I known how mangoy the mango sorbetto was going to be, I wouldn’t have ordered the chocolate gelato as well. Yes, I adored the chocolate gelato because it tasted like real chocolate and has a healthy bitter kick to it. I think chocolate is best with a little bitterness. However, that mango, man, it really just satisfied my initial craving for a moist, ripe mango. It tasted more mangoy than I anticipated from the standard ripe mango! I guess this is what happens when they use real fruit to make their sorbetto. Excuse me while I dab the saliva that’s pooling at the corner of my mouth.


To top off our gelati, we split a box of Baci. Cindy likened it to the Italian (and in my opinion, superior) version of Hershey’s Kisses. Chocolate truffles with Hazel nut and almonds.

Simply put, ignoring Nundini’s modest and inconspicuous storefront and walking in despite its unassuming location and appearance, you will be utterly delighted and rewarded for giving it a chance. It’s places like Nundini that makes me wish I’m a permanent resident of Houston. Nundini, I will be back to nosh on your cannoli.

500 N Shepherd Dr. Ste A
Houston, TX 77007