Mighty Cone

1603 S Congress Ave
Austin, TX 78704
(512) 383-9609

Mighty Cone

I think food automatically taste better in a cone while eating outside… Maybe because it conjures up happy memories of my childhood when eating out of a cone meant you’re in the thick of summer and eating crunchy old school snow cones (the kind of snow cone I’m too good for nowadays). I flirted with Mighty Cone during Austin City Limits where they man a concession booth but have never actually sat down at their trailer first hand. Brittany and I had a date over the weekend that involved watching a free 3D IMAX screening of Arabia , making eyes at real live camels, and then grabbing lunch at Mighty Cone.

We both ordered the same thing. Hot & Crunchy Shrimp and Avocado cones and french fries. The Hot & Crunchy Shrimp and Avocado cone is in essence, two of their cones combined (Shrimp + Avocado). I’m always a fan of fried avocado. Their batter is flavorful and their shrimp tasty. The fried goodness was served with coleslaw and all wrapped in a flour tortilla. The coleslaw is a bit too heavy on the mayonnaise but overall the taste is satisfying. The food is good. You can’t really deny it. It’s good. Though what’s really wins me over is the ambiance of their colorful trailer. It’s like a savory ice cream truck. A happy meal. Happy photos ensue!

Mighty Cone

Cones @ Mighty Cone

Fries @ Mighty Cone

Hot & Crunchy Shrimp and Avocado @ Mighty Cone

Fried Sign @ Mighty Cone

Brittany @ Mighty Cone
My pretty date!