My Name is Joe in Austin

My Name is Joe Coffee Truck Serves Charitable Cups (now closed)

Tumeric Latte

I like when you can put your dollars to good use while consuming delicious bites and drinks. A few months ago, My Name is Joe, a coffee shop airstream trailer, opened right outside of my work building. I finally made the time to sample some of their offerings and am utterly taken by them.

The breakfast/light lunch menu is curated by Philip Speer, who has been celebrated in Austin for his culinary work for years. Then our town watched as he publicly struggled with his alcohol addiction. My Name is Joe is a hat tip to a movie titled My Name is Joe, which is about a recovering alcoholic. The trailer is Speer’s contribution to the community of recovering addicts and their families. A fraction of the proceeds from the trailer is donated to SerenityStar Recovery. My Name is Joe will also employ people in recovery.

I appreciate the story and the heart of this new coffee truck and want to spread the word! You can support a local food truck while simultaneously supporting a charity. They are open downtown from 8 to 3, Mondays through Fridays, so it’s perfect for the working crowd.

You might remember I’m obsessed with matcha, so I ordered my usual matcha latte, and because I have been curious about the the turmeric latte (not pictured) fad, I ordered one of those too. I learned there is no caffeine in the tumeric latte. It’s coconut milk steamed with tumeric and various dashes of other spices. It came iced and I quite enjoyed it! They also treated us to the iced Joe Horchatte which is horchata blended with a cold brew coffee. Yummy!

My Name is Joe Coffee

My friend Aaron and I ordered the Ham and Cheese Tartine and the Kimchi & Tofu.

Kimchi Oatmeal
Kimchi & Tofu; gluten-free steel cut oats, soft poached egg, scallion, kim chi, and bulgogi tofu; $9

I loved this so much. It reminded me of the Asian comfort dish, congee. I forgot to question why, but sadly I learned they are going to phase this dish out. If you’re intrigued, I’ll go sooner rather than later and if you like it, do tell them! Maybe we can get them to keep it on the menu!

My Name is Joe Coffee
Ham and Cheese Tartine; mozzarella, prosciutto, over-easy egg, asparagus, and porcini; $9

The Ham and Cheese Tartine were grade A tartine or fancy toast in my book! It’s hard to go wrong with prosciutto!

There are only about 8 other food items on the menu but I can tell this small selection is deliberately and creatively curated. I’d come back and work my way through all their offerings. This trailer is less than one block away from the nearest Starbucks. My wish is that for a few extra steps, you can direct some of your dollars to a cause close to home.

My Name is Joe
503 Colorado St. Austin, Texas 78701

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