I swallowed a cupcake :(

Polkadots Cupcake Factory

2826 Rio Grande St
Ste B
Austin, TX 78705

(512) 476-3687

I started my weekend off swallowing a cupcake. Selina who lives way up north won a free cupcake from my favorite cupcakery, Polkadots and had enlisted me to pick up it up since I work at the University. I’ve only sampled 3 of Olga’s cupcakes and have been meaning to try a few more, namely the Nutella Banana cupcake.

I remember the Nutella Banana cupcake is featured on the Tuesday menu so I was pleasantly surprised when I spotted one on Friday. I toted Selina’s cupcake and mine in a cute little box they supplied. I met Selina at my apartment and we had a cupcake break.

I ended up finishing the cupcake in two big bites. I swallowed it! Totally has me sad because if I had just chewed, it would have lasted longer.

Blueberry Lemon Cupcake
Selina’s free Blueberry Lemon Cupcake.

Selina reported it was like a blueberry muffin, only better because there’s frosting! I had a lick of her frosting and it was very light and fluffy with a hint of lemon.

Nutella Banana Cupcake
Babies are cute. Cupcakes are cake babies. Here’s my cute Nutella Banana cake baby.

Tucking in cupcakes
We’re tucking in our cupcakes…

I found my favorite cupcake. I knew we had promise before even biting into it. How did I know such a thing? Well the cakes at Polkadots are moist, light, and perfect. I never considered myself an icing/frosting kind of girl as they’re usually too sweet for me, but Polkadots’ has changed my view of myself. I AM an icing/frosting kind of girl! Finally, I have a deep love affair with Nutella that started in 2005 and has not faded. The Nutella Banana cupcake at Polkadots had me at hello.