New India in Austin

New India

Edit 2020: New India is now permanently closed. For more current content, check my homepage or Instagram. 

I like asking first-generation immigrants where they go to eat when they’re homesick for their mother countries. I’m curious about their opinions on authenticity in their cuisine in the states. So when I asked my coworker Himanshu where he goes to eat when he’s homesick for his mom’s cooking, he without pausing told me New India. He said he’s from Maharashtra, India and New India has authentic Maharashtrian food. I’ve gone before for their lunch Thali platter offerings but wanted to try what Himanshu liked most. So we ordered his favorites when we met up for a collaboration over lunch.

New India
Koliwada Shrimp; prawns marinated in fisherman style spices & grilled; $9

This prawn appetizer was exquisitely spicy and perfectly cooked. I felt myself grow flush with each bite. You can adjust your spice preference with most of their offerings from mild to “Desi hot”. The flavors were so tantalizing that I didn’t bother with the mint sauce.

New India
Left: Chicken Malvani Roasted Coconut Curry; fresh roasted coconut cooked with onions, ginger, garlic, chilies & ci lantro; $13.
Right: Kheema Masala (Ground Lamb); ground lamb cooked with fresh ginger, onions, tomatoes, & whole spice; $14

Himanshu warned me that these two dishes are so authentic he’s not sure an American palate would enjoy it if it has been seasoned by Americanized Indian food. His warnings were in vain because I loved every bite.

New India

What I enjoyed about the curries at New India is I don’t feel so guilty as they use much less cream in general in comparison to the average Indian restaurant and they’re still comforting in texture and flavors. Himanshu and I traded notes on Indian places around town and we both appreciated that New India doesn’t have us smelling like Indian cuisine when we leave. I’m glad Himanshu reminded me of its existence. Our work place is not so far from New India so I’m going to keep this place on my radar for days I forget to pack a lunch to work!

Question: Where do you go to eat when you’re homesick for mom’s cooking?