Little Q

1585 Hancock St
Quincy, MA 02169
(617) 773-5888

I took Mary Ellen to hot pot at Sinh Sinh in Houston a while ago with Kim and Chris. She was excited because she had come to love hot pot while in Boston. However, she was a little surprised at our hot pot since it was so different from her experience. She tried to describe it but I didn’t quite get what the possible difference was. You have a tasty broth and a hot pot and then you cook raw ingredients. Hot pot!

So she takes me to HER hot pot in Quincy at a restaurant called Little Q and I myself was taken aback. Walking in I could smell spices. It smelled faintly like an Indian restaurant. I’m not accustomed to these smells when having hot pot. Little Q has all sorts of broth to order when I’m only used to 2 selections: original broth and spicy broth. Mary Ellen ordered the herbal broth and the mala broth. The only hot pot I’ve ever known has a broth is a clean broth. Everything that goes in it is what you put in it. HER hot pot broth has all sorts of herbs and things already floating in it. See below.

The white broth is the herbal broth and the other one is the Mala broth which is a spicy broth

I stuck mainly with the Mala broth as it’s nice and spicy. The other broth was good too. It has a comforting simpler taste that I would have appreciated more if ailed with a cold or something. It is 16.99 for all you can eat. You choose from a paper menu all the ingredients you want. Mary Ellen focused on a lot of vegetables and I focused on the fish and meatballs. I did find that I like iced bean curd. It has the same consistency as fried tofu but is a lot healthier! (Now if we can find similar substitutes to other fried foods…)

We stuffed ourselves silly. Here is a fraction of the ingredients we ordered.

Mary Ellen ordering from the menu.

All in all, it was very curious experience. I’d do it again.

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