Goodies From Maggie’s Farm

Tonight I had the pleasure of attending a market party for my dear friend, Maggie, hosted at Kristina’s beautiful and warm home. I’ve salivated over Maggie’s photos and tales of her cookery from her blog, so I was beyond ecstatic to have Maggie invite me to her event.

Kristina and Maggie did such a lovely job of decorating and setting up.

I grabbed both chicken and duck eggs, jars of cherries and relishes, and a loaf of onion and dill bread. Next time I’m grabbing her Indian Pickles!

I got some goodies for myself, got some treats for friends, and supported sweet Maggie! It was a win, win, win situation!

P.S. I just realized most of the Christmas shopping I’ve done so far is food related. Consumables are the way to go these days, yeah?

Questions: Have you started Christmas shopping yet? What are you getting your peoples?