Progressive Lunch in Houston: Lankford Grocery

What is a progressive meal? A progressive meal is when you go to more than one place for a single meal. Often people do it by courses, my friends and I tend to do it by what is best known by the restaurant.

A few weeks ago Cindy, Thomas, and I convened for another one of our progressive lunches. You can read about our first of four stops here. Our second stop was Lankford Grocery, known for their burgers.

88 Dennis St
Houston, TX 77006
(713) 522-9555

We took a quick vote and ordered one Grim Burger. Just like our server at Neilsen’s, our waitress gave us an odd look. One burger for three people? We explained that we were trying to make it to at least one more place and have learned from past painful experiences, that sharing and portion control are key to a successful progressive lunch.

Grim Burger: Mac & cheese, bacon, fried egg & jalapeno, $8.50

It was a delicious and satisfying burger. The meat was juicy and charred just enough. The mac and cheese was creamy and not starchy. Jalapenos gave it a kick. And the bacon? There is a standing invitation for bacon to attend parties in my mouth.

One more thing. I know this is a burger with bacon and mac and cheese in it and that makes it a ridiculous burger. However, this isn’t the most ridiculous burger I’ve had. If you can believe that! Most ridiculous would be the Shipley from Burger Guys (also in Houston and blogged about here). Instead of hamburger buns, the burger was nestled in between doughnuts. And yes, bacon was attending that party as well, alongside it’s old friend, the fried egg.

Stay tuned to see where we go to after Lankford!

* The photos used in this post were all taken by my eating buddy and talented photographer, Thomas Chen.