Girls’ Weekend = Lots of Eating

Girls’ weekend was so good for my soul. High school friends, Alex and Hillary left their towns to come spend the weekend with me in Austin. There was constant eating! Weekend menu: gelato, escargot, duck confit, ratatouille, scallops, Gourdough’s, tacos, chorizo nachos, wines, cheeses, fruits, chocolate bars, chocolate truffles, pho, egg rolls, spring rolls, pear chocolate tart, pumpkin tea cakes! Will try to be speedy with the cranking out of the blog posts about the weekend. I will share one little baby update. I went to Gourdough’s once more and tried one more donut. Bringing my GourdoughCount to 12 donuts.

Left: Funky Monkey (still my favorite donut) Right: my new one, Dirty Berry

Dirty Berry: Grilled strawberries and fudge icing. As expected, it was fantastic. The girls loved their first Gourdough’s experience.

I hope you had a lovely weekend. I part with some snapshots of mine :).

Question: Favorite meal this weekend?

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