Gourdough’s Big Fat Donuts (A Foodie’s HEAVEN)

Warning: A lot of food porn ahead.

1219 South Lamar Blvd
Austin, TX 78704

* Edit March/2013 – New address: 1503 S 1st St, Austin, TX 78704


I had a dinner date at 7pm with a friend yesterday. It’s 2 pm and I’m about to head out so I decided to eat lunch and try to last til 7 to be able to eat dinner. I usually get hungry about 3-4 hours after eating unless I STUFF myself silly. So I did just that and stuffed myself SILLY at around 2pm.

3pm I get a text message from Liz whom I haven’t caught up with in over a YEAR. “Hi, I’m in Austin. Want to grab a midday snack at Gourdough’s?”

Dammit. I made the decision quickly but my stomach was already starting to hurt knowing what I’m about to do to it. I haven’t chatted with my Liz in over a year AND I’ve never been to Gourdoughs. Easy decision at the expense of my stomach. My poor poor stomach.

I met Liz up with her boyfriend and buddies, a party of 7. I find out later that the more people you bring, the better to Gourdough’s. I’ve met some of her friends a few times through the years but the occasions were pretty unremarkable. After eating here with them, they will always be remembered as the fun-loving, food-loving hilarious group that introduced me to Gourdoughs. (4 were regulars, Me, Liz and her boyfriend were neophytes.)

So what is Gourdough’s?

Gourdough’s Big Fat Donuts is a trailer eatery pretty close to my first trailer-food-love, Flip Happy Crepes. What is it about food trailers in Austin? I haven’t been back to Flip Happy in a while because ever since Bobby Flay did a feature on it, it hasn’t been the same. Gourdough’s (in case you don’t know, “gordo” translates to fat in Spanish. Already, this place has charmed me; I have a strong affinity for puns.) is a gourmet donut eatery. Yes, you’ve read right, gourmet. donut. eatery.

Her friend Jon, was giving me the low down on the menu. He said there’s a secret menu that is no longer secret as it’s made it on the paper menu (not pictured). Jon also instructed that once you gain more “experience” you can even order your donut with a side of ice cream (vanilla or chocolate) AND all donuts for an extra dollar you can have meat on it. Otherwise, donuts are just $3.25. He was just there yesterday and said the Porky’s really good. Porky’s is a donut with Canadian bacon, jalapeno jelly, and cream cheese. Did you read that? Go back if you need to. He mentioned a few donuts he’s had. The PB&J one which is donut with grape filling, peanut butter icing with peanut butter morsels sprinkled. The Slowburn with Habanero Pepper jelly with cream cheese. The Flying Pig with bacon and maple syrup.

I cannot wait to try these creative combination of ingredients. For now I will share with you what we’ve shared. We ordered 7 different donuts but I think I left out 2 in my distraction of sheer joy and delight.

Miss Shortcake

Jon’s order. I love the sounds and words that kind of fall out of foodies’ mouths when they eat something SO good. It’s as if they forget they’re not alone and this is truly their most authentic and personal reaction. I believe his reaction was “………God….. this is SO. Freeeesssssshh.” He wasn’t talking to any of us in particular and we all laughed, tickled that we just got a glimpse of a private moment he had to himself. He’s right though. It was pretty damn fresh.

Unknown Donut with Honey Dipping Sauce

Savag (I hope I spelled his name correctly) ordered a donut that came with a honey dipping sauce. I couldn’t find it on the menu. He’s one of the more experienced Gourdoughers, so perhaps he ordered from the formerly secret menu that hasn’t been posted on the website yet.

Mystery donut makes it’s rounds around the table. There he is with my friend, Liz.

Here’s a sexy close up of mystery donut with honey dipping sauce.

Mother Clucker

Liz ordered the Mother Clucker. A donut with honey butter icing topped with FRIED CHICKEN! This was one of my favorites because I love combining savory with sweet. Moreover, the other 6 of us got sweet donuts so this one was a nice little break in comparison. The crispy chicken on the warm doughy donut was truly comforting. This is definitely going to be one of my regulars when I frequent (note I said “when” and not “if”) Gourdough’s.

Son of a Peach

This is Andy’s order which is from the formerly secret menu! Son of a Peach. So fricking GOOD. My friend Dave is in love with peaches. I’ve already mentally bookmarked this donut to share with him in the future.

Funky Monkey

My order! Donut that comes with grilled bananas, cream cheese icing, and brown sugar baste. It tasted like a banana’s foster on crack. I’m smacking my lips right now as I type this which is a feat as I’m still in physical pain from all the eating I’ve done. I was 110 percent pleased with my order.

Granny’s Pie

Granny’s Pie is crowned with caramel, pecans, bananas, and graham crackers. This was pretty good of course. Really rich. It didn’t completely suit my palate but I’m guessing all fans of pecan pies (all the boys that I know) would love this donut.

Closing Thoughts

As often as I rave about food, it is a little rare when I’m completely head over heels with a place. I’m head over heels with this place. What saddens me is we spoke to the nice owner and we learned the Foodnetwork is coming to do a feature and film on the 25th of the month. When Bobby Flay did that to Flip Happy Crepes, the trailer eatery is now OVERRUN with people and can take over an hour to get yourself a delicious crepe. I’m pretty sure the exposure to this modest trailer will do the same. Luckily, Gourdough’s hours are much more accessible (everyday 10am- 2am). In the meantime, I can not wait to come back to Gourdough’s Big Fat Donuts!

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