Brunch at Trace

200 Lavaca St
inside The W Hotel
Austin, TX 78701
(512) 542-3600

The W Hotel opened up a new hotel in Austin. This has stirred up a bit of excitement amongst Austinites. I was especially curious about the new restaurant, Trace that opened in the hotel. I gathered up a small group of friends and we all experienced Trace’s brunch for the first time.

Season’s Bounty, $25

We asked one of our servers what was included in this season’s bounty. He seduced us with talks of deep fried olives and pâté. Just a tad misleading as the wooden plank donned with the season’s bounty did not include pâté and deep fried olives. There were olives though. The Drunken Cheese or Redneck Cheese was mild and salty. We all loved it. The bounty also consisted of deviled eggs, brussels sprouts with the right amount of dressing and crunch, and pickled vegetables.

Shrimp and Grits: chorizo butter, grilled shrimp, cotija cheese, and scallions; $12

Jamie ordered the shrimp and grits. I took a nibbling and I must say, the grits were seasoned just right. I often find myself steering clear from grits. I have a textural reluctance towards them and find them generally bland. These grits were far from bland and super comforting. This was right before the Arctic Freeze we flabbergasted Texans are currently experiencing, but the grits would be perfect piping hot right about now. The shrimp was meaty and a nice way to make a brunch side into an entree.

Frisée and Duck Confit: two-hour egg, bacon, and sherry vinaigrette; $13

I ordered the duck. The frisée really balanced out the saltiness of the duck and bacon. My favorite way to eat an egg is to have it super runny with silky yolk, so the two-hour runny egg was well received by me. I enjoyed every bite. This was perfect with bread because it was just little tad salty.

Steak Sandwich: Ribeye, crumbled blue cheese, Frisée, Au Jus; $14

A gratuitous photo of Lily’s order, the Steak Sandwich. Comes out open faced. I had a bite of the steak. Tender.

Butcher’s Burger: Everything Roll, Cheddar Cheese, Tomato Relish, House Made Fries; $11

A gratuitous photo of Justin’s order. I didn’t try the burger but those fries were highly addictive.

Cinnamon roll bread pudding: Baileys Ice Cream and Fudge Sauce; $9

Warm cinnamony bread pudding and Bailey’s ice cream. Come on.

My lovely girls

The handsome men of our table

All in all, I enjoyed the food. Their service was very friendly and well-meaning. They had a few fumbles and were a little slow and forgetful. However, it is still an infant of a restaurant so kinks were expected. I’d come back again for brunch.

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