Breakfast Klub

3711 Travis St
Houston, TX 77002
(713) 528-8561

The long and eager line at Breakfast Klub

We gathered our eating soldiers: Cindy, Jason, Thomas (the photographer of this blog post), and Chris. Chris and I were the Breakfast Klub newbs. We joined the crazy line that wrapped around the parking lot at 11:30 am and were eating by 1pm. The line was to be expected at Breakfast Klub and it’s a very hospitable wait. Water tables with ice water and lovely tents for shade were set up for the comfort of those waiting. The weather was a warm eighty something degrees. We Texans consider that good weather. The good weather coupled with fantastic company made the wait relatively painless. As we stood in line, we devised our eating plan. Cindy and Jason were going to go with the tried and true (and famed!) chicken and waffles. Thomas, Chris, and I finally decided to get three different entrees between the three of us to share.

We are at last inside!

Once you’re inside and make it to the counter, you give the lovely ladies your order and pay first. Then they give you your cups and a table number. I ordered the bottomless coffee. There is an impressive coffee bar with 5 different coffees, placed in order from decaf to strongest. If you’re a coffee fiend, the coffee bar is the only way to go.

After ordering, there are coffee stations, condiment stations, and silverware stations. The food started coming to our outdoor picnic table as soon as we got settled in. So first and foremost, Breakfast Klub’s signature dishes are their chicken and waffles and then it’s the fried catfish and grits. Their biscuit and gravy is a popular order as well. Chris, Thomas, and I tag teamed all three.

Katfish and Grits, ~$10.00

The catfish was perfectly seasoned and battered. The fillets were fresh and flaky. I’m normally not a grits kind of girl but these grits were exceptional! Soft, buttery, and good for the soul. The scrambled eggs were light and fluffy.

Biskits & Gravy, ~$7.00

Thomas contended for these biscuits that are smothered with sausage gravy and I am so happy he persisted. When you let the powers of hearty, warm, sausage gravy combine with those of airy fresh-from-the-oven-biscuits, it’s all you can do not to melt into a puddle of contentment.

Wings & Waffles ~$10.00

Last and far from least, is the chicken and waffles. The wings are lightly seasoned and battered and you must lick your fingers after suckling on these bones. There’s no other way of eating these wings. You won’t want to let the flavor wipe off on a napkin when you can savor the last bits. The waffles are hot and crisp on the outside, and light and soft on the inside. Smother it with maple syrup, then alternate bites between waffle and chicken. Do that and I dare you not to be happy.

These two patrons know what they want: Wings & Waffles for the both of them!

Breakfast Klub lived up to its hype and accolades. We were languidly grinning ear to ear post Breakfast Klub meal. You would think this marked the end of our eating adventure, but we are all gluttons. Worse, we are gluttons who enable each other. Chris mentioned a creperie food cart a mere minutes away from Breakfast Klub. Before our food could settle we were off to conquer the creperie too! Blog post for that soon to come.

Til then, here are the two photos I snapped with my camera of our troop. (Again, all previous photos were taken by dear friend Thomas.)