700 S Lamar
Austin, TX 78704

I took my little from Big Brothers and Big Sisters of America out to dinner last night and for dessert we tried out Bananarchy. She cracks me up because I try to take her to new places all the time, much to her chagrin, but after she tries these new places she declares the most recent as her most absolute favorite and we MUST come back EVERY TIME we eat. Such is the case with Bananarchy. It’s her new favorite and we MUST come back EVERY TIME. I told her as I always do, we’ll come back but not every time! We have the world to eat.

Bananarchy is a trailer dessert eatery that specializes in one thing. Frozen bananas. You have your choice of dippings and they have vegan chocolate available which I find very sweet (literally and figuratively!) and accommodating and a slew of traditional dessert toppings. I took the liberty of listing them all out for you.

Peanut Butter
Vegan Chocolate


My little sitting pretty, waiting patiently for our bananas.

The banana guy will make your banana in front of you. He’ll unwrap a frozen banana and then dip, and then twirl. You’ll see if you go.

You can buy halfsies (we both ordered halfsies which was more than enough after our big dinner) for $2.75 or wholesies for $3.75. Yeah, yeah, we know you can buy a banana at 44 cents a pound but do you wanna go do this yourself? I was looking at their website before going and they actually have a direct answer regarding if this is too steep to pay for a frozen banana: they have rent to make! While we’re discussing money, I’ll also remind you as will the window pictured below, they’re a cash only business.

Informative window

Little and I both ordered Oreos as our toppings. She dipped hers in vanilla and I dipped mine in chocolate. We both want to try peanut butter next time.

Vanilla dipped and topped with crushed Oreos

Chocolate dipped and topped with crushed Oreos

I thought it was a wise idea to not take pictures of ourselves eating these bananas. Don’t want to set ourselves up for obvious jokes. I suggest you don’t let your friends take pictures of you eating these either. They taste just as you expect them to, delicious. The bananas are really frozen so if you have sensitive teeth, maybe wait a little bit before biting into them. It was good enough for me to want to come back and try more variations. Also inspires me to one day make my own banana pops.

Little’s Self Portrait

My little turned the camera on herself. We had a discussion about Myspace and Facebook in the car ride over. I hope she’s not practicing her self portraits for Myspace. (I also vehemently advised her never to get a tattoo of her boyfriend’s name.) Girl’s crazy!

P.S. Always remember that bananas have rights.