Nothing is Permanent: Players Closing November 23, 2014


300 W Martin Luther King Dr
Austin, TX 78701
(512) 478-9299

I’m moving from North Austin to South Austin tomorrow. When I moved into this current apartment last year, I was getting over a six year relationship. Now a year later, I’m getting over a new boy.

Nothing is permanent.

I’ve been in Austin since 2001 and I’ve moved over a dozen times. I am reminded that nothing is permanent just from moving so often. But one thing that has remained a fixture and source of comfort through all my years in Austin is a dive burger joint located on campus. It was recently announced that Players will be closing November 23, 2014 after serving the community since 1981.

Nothing is permanent.

Open 24 hours and within walking distance of my first place of residence in Austin, Players has been the place I would meet old friends to share countless milkshakes and french fries. No one went to Players just for the food. We went for the friendships and the late night conversations. Before last week, the last time I was at Players was with a handful of high school friends visiting after we all graduated from college. One such friend at this reunion dinner passed away last year.

Nothing is permanent.

I went to eat here with Anita during our lunch break last week to pay final respects to an Austin icon. We each had pensive moments as we reflected on the people we were with the last time we were there.

Nothing is permanent. Because of this, I try very hard to remain grateful for borrowed time and shared meals.

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