FRYday with Usual Suspects

So FRYday came early this week. Deesh called me to come over for dinner at 11pm. Yes, 11PM on a Tuesday evening. Deesh caught some fish yesterday when he went to the coast. I’ve never fished before but I really want to now. One of his catches is a giant catfish. I was conveniently busy while the gang was frying and cooking. When asked who was over there, Deesh responded with, “the usual.” I got over there and sure enough, it’s the usual crowd. I took mugshots of everyone with my cellphone as I forgot my camera. I also forgot to take a mugshot of myself and of Bing so I had to improvise with a picture of both of us together. So here you have it, The Usual Suspects.

The Usual Suspects

Our menu: Pasta with alfredo sauce, fried catfish, blackened catfish, curly fries, buttered grilled corn, watermelon, chips and guacamole.

The Usual Suspects

Yum. Carb-loading without a marathon!

How late do you guys usually eat?

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