Big Lou’s Pizza

2048 S WW White Rd
San Antonio, TX 78222

(210) 337-0707

I’ve been dying to check out Big Lou’s 42 inch pizza ever since I saw it on Man v. Food last year (video clip is at end of this entry.) I finally got around to roping a sizable amount of people to come to help me take on this Behemoth of a pizza.

A sign advertising Big Lou’s claim to fame is prominently displayed at the entrance.

Really, a BEHEMOTH of a pizza. Over 30 lbs of toppings? Though the sign says on Fridays and Saturdays, understand you may wait 1-2 hours, it was worth the wait. We got there on Saturday at around 11:30am and waited just under an hour. We didn’t mind as we were in good company and amused ourselves with jokes. We also discussed the women’s bathroom. I took a picture for you.

While waiting, we met one of the owners. When asked if he was Big Lou, he said he was one of the three. He was very kind and took a couple of pictures for us. Here’s our lovely group of nine ladies. We had three generations of women in our group.

Without further ado, let me introduce you to the 42 inch Pizza



Isn’t the pizza absolutely stunning? Beautiful. Amazing. The crust is super thin and was surprisingly impressive. Not very often is a pizza crust impressive. It had a nice texture, not crispy, not too bready, and had a lovely hint of garlic. The pizza itself was super tasty. Slices laid out on 2 plates and I find the best way to eat the first plate full of a slice is with silverware. After which the slice becomes easier to pick up.

We got the supreme (which put our total at 110 dollars). The tomatoes tasted fresh. It was just a great tasting pizza. We were all pleasantly surprised as we thought the quality might be lacking as maybe the quantity is their gimmick, but no. Quality was superb. If you would like to hear with the other 8 ladies had to say, I made you a video!

The Reactions of my Eating Buddies

I was one of only two people in our group who had seconds. We took a picture throwing up deuces to commemorate.
FYI: One slice is equivalent to a 10 inch pizza. Of course Big Lou (1/3) told me this after we had our second helpings.

Roomie and I claimed one of the 5 slices left. To go boxes are big and they charge 5 dollars per box. I think we must have charmed Big Lou (1/3) enough because we only READ that the boxes were 5 dollars a piece after we had already been given 4 boxes for free.

Me with our leftovers.
Yes, I’d totally come back. Especially to show a new group of people the glory that is Big Lou’s 42 inch Pizza.

As Seen on Man V Food

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