Lulu’s Cafe and Bakery

918 N Main St
San Antonio, TX 78212

(210) 222-9422

This weekend, I roped a few ladies to come eat a 42 inch pizza with me. Not on our agenda were chicken fried steaks and 3 lb cinnamon buns that were also featured on the same episode of Man v Food the pizza was. However, seeing as we were in good spirits, I thought I’d try to add this to our intertinery and wasn’t too surprised when everyone was for it. A few of us sat out and just watched the rest of us eat which is completely understandable because, hello? 42 inch pizza about 2 hours prior?

Comfort Food: Chicken Fried Steak

Rest assured, I was one of the ones who partook in another eating venture. Brandi and I ordered a chicken fried steak to split there and a 3lb cinnamon bun to go.

This is how big Lulu’s smallest chicken fried steak (12 ounce) is. They come about three times this size as well. The batter was amazing. I suspect they double dip their batter. It doesn’t fall off and stay crispy while the beef is super tender. The mashed potatoes were nice and comforting. Had the potatoe skins mashed in it. This plate said home to me. (Even though my parents had never made chicken fried steak for me ever.) I have to say, this is the best chicken fried steak I’ve had. (My experience with chicken friend steaks is still very modest, though.)

The bun we bought is nearly gone now. It’s pretty good. Nothing spectacular in it’s taste but we agreed if ever in San Antionio again, we’d totally bring another one back. How often do you get to buy a 3lb cinnamon bun? It’s priced at under 6 dollars. Used to be 3 dollars but you know, inflation touches all things. Buns too.

Want a 3lb cinnamon bun for your own?

According to their website, you can order your own by calling this number: 210 222 9422.

This trip to Lulu’s concluded our group’s first eating adventure. I can’t wait to see what we’re up to next.

As Seen on Man v Food

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