4 Creative Ways to “Wrap” Gift Cards this Holiday Season

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There is a belief that gift cards aren’t very creative in nature. But I think gift cards are underrated and you can absolutely make them creative gifts by how you “wrap” these perfect gifts. I went to Walgreens and picked some Vanilla Visa Gift Cards. You can niche down on your gift card selection at Walgreens and choose from a wide selection! I spied gift cards for Panera, UberEats and DoorDash, the movies, and much more! After you procure your cards, here are 4 creative ways to “wrap” your gift cards this gift-giving season!

4 Creative Ways to “Wrap” Gift Cards this Holiday Season

1. Tie the Gift Card to Another Gift

It’s a great way to add another layer to a smaller gift. Instead of just handing over a gift card, you can tie it on to another gift! I had brownie mixes from William Sonoma and tied a card to the jar. You can also tie it on to another wrapped gift!

2. Put the Gift Card in its own Gift Box!

Who says just because you are gifting a gift card that it can’t come in its own wrapped box? I used an old passport box and slipped in a my gift card and wrapped the box as I would any other gift! You can have some silly fun with this idea and use an oddly-shaped box or an obscenely large box to throw people off the scent!

3. Slip the Gift Card into a Favorite Book

I’m a voracious reader and love gifting books to people. However, adding a gift card is a nice bonus and fun little surprise for your loved one. When they’re ready to dig into their new book, there’s another gift waiting for them!

4. Slip Inside Other Gifts like Mugs, Ornaments, or Cozy Socks!

Along similar thought process of slipping a gift card inside of a book, you can also find other gifts that a card could fit inside of. I found some cozy socks for my mom and they were perfect for the giftcard. I also found an adorable mushroom mug with a mushroom cap lid that hid the card snuggly. It’s a gift inside of a gift!

I hope this list of ways to “wrap” gift cards helps you should you feel any shame for giving gift cards. Growing up the daughter of frugal immigrants who worked every day including holidays, made gift-giving something that wasn’t done in excess in our household. My parents’ extreme work schedules, coupled with a very limited budget meant they took a very practical approach to gift-giving. As an adult, I carry some of that neuroses to my feelings about receiving and giving gifts. I feel pressured to not miss the mark on giving gifts for fear of creating waste or giving a gift that doesn’t suit the tastes of my recipients! You know what helps with this anxiety? Gift cards! You can rest assured that your loved one can procure whatever they wish with giftcards and by creatively “wrapping” them, you make the experience even more memorable!

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