You Can Feel Good About Buying from Lucy Meifield Chocolate

Full Disclosure: Lucy Meifield Chocolate sponsored this post but all thoughts and words are my own. I strive to partner with brands that align with my values and Lucy Meifield Chocolate’s values reflect mine. Thank you for supporting the brands that support Girl Eats World!

I’m a chocoholic, guys. I love buying bars of dark chocolate and nibbling on them throughout the day. I love editing photos, reading, and writing with a bar of chocolate nearby. Nibbling dark chocolate in between thoughts and pages is one of my favorite productivity comfort hacks.

When Lucy Meifield Chocolate reached out to me to introduce their chocolate bars to me, I read up more on their mission to see if it’s a brand I’d love to support. Immediately, I was charmed by their mission. They responsibly source their ingredients and use non-GMO cane sugar processed in vegan-certified facilities. They care about smaller economies, by supporting farming coops that grow the beans they buy, promoting artists by incorporating their artwork on their wrappers, and collaborating with other local producers.

Lucy Meifield Chocolate

Responsibly Sourced and Quality Ingredients

If you buy their Belize or Nicaragua chocolate bars, you are supporting the farmers dedicated to growing organic cacao in Belize and Nicaragua. One of Lucy Meifield Chocolates’ business values is a responsibility to farmers and the environment. I also love when I look at the ingredients list of a product and am greeted with a very short list of recognizable ingredients. In this case, there are just cacao and non-GMO cane sugar for most of these bars. For the milk chocolate bars, there are also cocoa butter and milk powder. No additives or other questionable ingredients!

Lucy Meifield Chocolate

But what about taste?

Finally, we can’t ignore taste, can we? I have to admit, while I researched Lucy Meifield Chocolate and found myself nodding along with their values and mission, I was worried. What if they’re heart is great but their product is not? What if they’re great on paper but the taste doesn’t meet my chocoholic standards? Well, I’m relieved to report that the chocolate bars taste amazing. Even Sugarface, who is not the biggest fan of chocolate, found himself stealing little bites chocolate and murmuring delighted words of approval.

Lucy Meifield Chocolate

In fact, I’m nibbling on a piece of their chocolate as I type this blog post. So while you’re shopping around online during this holiday season, check out Lucy Meifield Chocolate! Don’t forget to buy yourself some too!