Portland, Oregon: Saint Cupcake Galore

1138 SW Morrison St
Portland, OR 97209
(503) 473-8760

As someone who prefers savory foods over desserts, I was surprised how taken I was with the sweets I put in my mouth during my short stay in Portland, Oregon. Saint Cupcake is the first of three I’ll be recommending. And guys, I actually thought I could accompany Anita, and just sit and watch her eat cupcakes. I grant you permission to laugh at me.

Anita ordered four dots. Saint Cupcake calls their mini cupcakes dots and they are all $1.50 each. Regular sized cupcakes are priced at $3.25. I wish my favorite cupcake places in Austin would make more mini cupcakes. They’re a fabulous way to try more of the menu at one go.

The two pictured in the back are Rhubarb with Raspberry and the Carrot Cake. The two in the front are the Salty Captain (salted caramel) and Big Top (buttery vanilla cupcake baked with chocolate chips on top, classic vanilla cream cheese icing, tinted a different color each day). Anita let me taste these cupcakes and I had to get my own. The cakes were all luscious and the icing were smooth and light. I’m really picky about my cake icings. If I can’t lick the icing without it crumbling or if it’s too dense, I scrape the icing off. At Saint Cupcake, the only scraping off I’ll ever be doing is with my tongue!

The two I added to our cupcake tasting were Vanilla with Vanilla Cream Cheese Icing and Chocolate with Chocolate Buttercream. I loved all the cupcakes I tried. My favorites were the Salty Captain and the Chocolate on Chocolate. Oh, and the Big Top. What can I say? I like chocolate.

Saint Cupcake has a few locations. Saint Cupcake Galore is their downtown location and they serve other baked goods in addition to their rotating cupcake menu. I was in Portland for the Word Domination Summit and I’m still debating on whether I’m going to the conference again next year. If I do, I’m definitely revisiting Saint Cupcake.

Question: What are your favorite cupcake flavors?