P. Terry’s with the Little

12301 N MoPac Expy
512 719-4810

I just realized that it’s been three years since I’ve blogged about eating with my little from Big Brothers and Big Sisters of America! How could this be? But a quick search on my blog turned up the last posts were in September 2010. Here’s one of the photos from a now closed hot dog joint.

And here she is today almost exactly three years later. She has grown from an adorable munchkin to a lovely young woman. We went one of the new locations of P. Terry’s. I’m so happy to have a P. Terry’s up north in Austin now! This one is fairly close to me and there’s an even closer one being built on N. 183.

All our meals are typically budget friendly. What was ordered: a double cheeseburger ($3.45), a cheeseburger ($2.25), a large delicious root beer milkshake to split ($2.60), and large order of french fries to split ($1.55). On top of being budget friendly, I trust the ingredients used by P. Terry’s infinitely more than say one of those national fast food chains.

Happy Sunday from my little and me to you!

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