On Finding Moments of Bliss

Can I be honest about something here? I understand this could be the epitome of First World Problems, but I’m feeling quite blue right now. It’s been over two weeks since I’ve been back from Paris and Amsterdam and I’m finding myself suffering from post vacation melancholy. Being at work has been disenchanting. It took me a full two weeks before finally cooking something. I usually enjoy reading every single day and haven’t been able to read more than a page of a book since being back. I wrote a little more about this funk on my personal blog.

I’m a big proponent of gratitude and positive thinking. I have a Twitter account dedicated to gratitude and email Kim every work day exchanging three things we’re currently happy about. And even during this weird and persistent bout of mild depression, there are still many moments that bring me contentedness. Often times these moments involve sharing delicious food with girlfriends. (I can’t wait to tell you about all the pizza I’ve eaten recently!)

One of these meal-sharings was at Shabu with the Cookbook Book Club. We have been so busy individually that it took us three months after our initial meeting to meet again. And since it was a late evening on a weeknight, we didn’t even cook!

Well, Olga, the creative mastermind of Polkadots Cupcakes kind of cooked. She gifted us macarons from her bakery. Having them for breakfast the next couple of mornings were comforting moments of bliss. That’s the thing about sharing good food. If I ever need evidence of how lucky I am, I need only look down at the food on my plate and the faces around the dinner table.