Oasthouse Kitchen + Bar

Oasthouse Kitchen + Bar

8300 N FM 620 Unit E
(737) 222-5779

In April, Oasthouse Kitchen + Bar hosted Austin Food Bloggers for one of our monthly happy hours. I thoroughly enjoyed everything I tasted and was impressed by the beautiful plates. The food paired with the perfect patio weather made the evening with my likeminded friends a great one.

We started the evening with the fried calamari. Tossed in pad thai sauce and punctuated with lime and cilantro, they were a nice play on the traditional fried calamari starter. The Hamachi Crudo was elegant and pleasing to both the eye and the palate. The Caribbean Jerk Pork Tenderloin was tender and drew out murmurs of pleasure from my eating companions. The Spring Pasta felt both decadent and light, made so by lifting up comforting pasta with seasonal vegetables. In short, Owner/Chef Amir Hajimalek has a sophisticated command on flavors that was consistently showcased in his expansive menu. I couldn’t tell you my favorite savory dish from this evening but I will say that Chocolate Nutella Mousse was my favorite dessert!

Oasthouse Kitchen + Bar
Wild Caught Calamari, rice flour,
fried calamari tossed in pad thai sauce,
peanuts, egg yolks, micro cilantro, pickled lime zest,
bean sprouts; $10

Oasthouse Kitchen + Bar
Truffled Prosciutto Bruschetta,
creamy ricotta, local honey, arugula,
medjool dates, truffle oil,
fresh cracked pepper; $9

Oasthouse Kitchen + Bar
Hamachi Crudo, jicama, shaved serrano.
fried garlic, black sea salt, cilantro,
watermelon radish, citrus ponzo; $13

Oasthouse Kitchen + Bar
Spring Pasta; fresh house cut fettuccine,
porcini butter, roasted asparagus
and red bell peppers, green peas, parmesan; $13

Oasthouse Kitchen + Bar
Caribbean Jerk Pork Tenderloin,
pear seared jerk pork tenderloin, pineapple mango gastrique,
white cheddar mash, haricot verts; $16

Truffled Wagyu Steak & Wild Mushroom; onion tomato jam,
strube ranch wagyu beef, brown butter wild mushrooms,
arugula, danish blue cheese, fresh mozzarella; $17

Oasthouse Kitchen + Bar
Chocolate Nutella Mousse; light and fluffy
chocolate hazelnut mousse, candied orange zest,
sea salt; $8

Oasthouse Kitchen + Bar
Chocolate Duet; Award winning 512 Pecan Porter chocolate cake,
salted toffee glaze, sundae ice cream, pecan crumbles,
housemade chocolate syrup poured table side; $8

Oasthouse Kitchen + Bar
Frozen Irish Coffee; Kinahans Irish Whiskey,
cold brew coffee, cinnamon syrup,
coconut & condensed milk; $8

Things to note: Oasthouse Kitchen + Bar also has a kid’s menu, lunch specials, and serve brunch! If you’re interested in hosting the Austin Food Bloggers Alliance for a happy hour, please email me at linda@curious-notions.net. Come along on my daily adventures by following me on Instagram and Snapchat!

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