Mommies & Food

I hope everyone had a lovely Mother’s Day! I went home for the weekend for some mom and daughter time. Some of my best tasting meals I’ve had courtesy my momma. She does have this pesky habit of hers of overfeeding me. I’ve once told my friend Dave that sometimes I’m so full from eating out and overeating that I come home and I have to beg my mom not to prepare anything because I cannot resist temptation when it comes to her food. Even if it kills me! Last time, I had just come home from an all you can eat brunch at Hugo’s and I asked her not to fry up those delicious egg rolls of hers. I may just eat them if she did and I was already hurting. I laid down to tend to my bellyache and dosed off. When I woke, I found a neatly plated dish of 3 scrumptious egg rolls on the kitchen table. I looked at my mom incredulously.

She defensively exclaimed in Vietnamese, “Those are of course for you, but you don’t have to eat them!”

Gad. She kills me with love! :)

And yeah, I ate all three.

So Dave then shared a similar story. I videoed it for ya’ll :) Background information: Dave is a vegetarian and does not eat seafood.

Tell me, what is your relationship with your mother like when it comes to food?