Lunch in Mykonos, Greece: Aperanto Galazio

Ornos Beach, Mykonos, Greece
+30 22890 27991

Yassou! That’s “hello” in Greek. In September I island-hopped around Greece with girlfriends and was blown away by the country’s beauty. The first island we ferried to from Athens was Mykonos, also known as the “party island.” We were there long enough to make friends with three Canadians, eat lunch with our new friends, browse the city center and its darling shops and sunbathe.

Not every restaurant we happened upon blew us away but the first delicious meal I had in Greece was in Mykonos on Ornos Beach at Aperanto Galazio.

Veal Scallops in Truffle
I ordered the pappardelle with veal and truffle. Pasta and truffle oil are two of my favorite things. The veal was tender and I was eating this meal with sand in between my toes, amongst old and new friends, and while overlooking a beach view. Oh, just a lunch in the life…

Our Canadian friends had come from Santorini and we were on our way there. They gave us a recommendation for their favorite dining experience in Santorini. More on that next time!